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Esteban Borjas III

Music Studies | Freshman

“I’ve been playing music for almost eight years. I’m so happy I ended up choosing the trumpet. As a music studies major, I want to be a teacher, because the teachers in my life played a big role in my love for music and appreciation and I would just love to share that with future students. I’m also a Mariachi minor because I’m Hispanic and Mariachi is such a big part of my life.”


Donor Spotlight

Pat Price


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Kiersten Ehr

Mass Communication | Junior

“I’m an only child, so my dad raised me to like the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, and the Milwaukee Brewers. I remember that I would always sit on the couch and watch sports with him as a little girl. Even on my highchair when I was a baby, I would only watch sports. From early on, I knew I wanted to be that reporter asking questions on the sideline, or giving the really awesome interviews to athletes to tell their stories.”

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Tommy Anderson

Communication Studies | Junior

“My first semester of my sophomore year, I began as a mathematics major. Dr. Burns was big influence on my change to Communication Studies. When I started taking more of the major’s courses, I wanted to be more involved which led me to become a Communication Ambassador. It’s a high impact organization where we take what we have learned in the classroom and apply it to real world situations.”


Regents' Professor

Steeve Beebe


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Ashley Hildreth

Theatre | Senior

“Theatre is a powerful artistic medium - telling stories that create dialogue and give voice to the voiceless. It has the capacity to make us laugh and move towards action. The acting program at Texas State has given me the tools to create the type of art I want to see in the world. Every class has helped me, artistically and personally. I’ve learned the importance of being honest and of thinking independently.”