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For Faculty

User/Student Responsibilities

  • Understand MiL operations. Refer to User Work Flowbelow.
  • Submit completed Proposal for Equipment.
  • Student must have a faculty sponsor signature.

Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Understand MiL operations. Refer to User Work Flowbelow.
  • Faculty are responsible for their student projects. 
  • Faculty must sign off on the Proposal for Equipment Formsconfirming the student digital files are set up correctly. (Former Digitally Handmade students can be responsible for their own digital file.)
  • Consult with MiL for design file preparation requirements (
  • Faculty with class projects that generate multiple users must coordinate with the MiL manager at the beginning of semester to discuss feasibility, outcomes, due dates, and time limits. Heavy usage near due dates may warrant faculty reservations and in-person coordination. (Per Person time limits will apply.)


Things to Consider

  • MiL does not offer software support or design instruction.
  • Students with non-working files will be directed back to their faculty sponsor for assistance.
  • MiL staff will set up the machine, start the job, and shut down the equipment.
  • Users will monitor their jobs at all times. Costs to repair damage from unattended equipment operation 
    are the responsibility of the user.
  • Supplies and user fees are the responsibility of the user/student.

User Work Flow: Faculty Sponsors and Students


To gain a basic understanding of file preparation, equipment processes, outcomes, and MiL rules either attend a Friday open house, schedule a class visit, or stop by the MiL during open hours. Additional information is available at



Sketches, roughs, prototypes for school related projects


Prepare a print ready digital design file saved in a compatible file format 


Submit a completed Proposal for Equipment

User information; Project description; Equipment Policy Rules

Required file formats, supplies, time limits

User signature; Faculty Sponsor (file check performed)

MiL approval



Users must sign up in person to reserve time on equipment


Arrive at MiL & check in (Arrival more than 10 minutes late will result in an automatic cancellation. No shows will result in loss of MiL privileges)


Import the Digital Design File into the dedicated equipment software. Input material information, tool specifications, cut/build options, and generate the cut/build file 


Load material and tools


Monitor print, clean up, and check out


Take your component and assemble/finish your piece outside of the MiL