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Current Friends



Richard and JuanNell Cheatham

Patti S. Harrison

Charles R. Matthews

John Navarrette

Fraye B. Stokes

Catherine E. Supple

Denise M. Trauth







Steven and Susan Beebe







Eleanor Pulver







Ron and Judy Brown

John Fleming and Julie Jalil

Marilyn Gaddis and George Carruthers

Ingram Family Foundation

Brenda and Kaare Remme







Integrity Insurance Solutions

Benchmark Insurance Group, Inc.

Debbie Austin

Dee Dee and Peter Baen

Dann and Lisa Brown

Linda Byers

Brenda and Bill Damron

Dennis and Margaret Dunn

Bill and Janet Fly

Ann and James Frugoni

Gilbert E. Fulmer

Gary Germer, Jr.

Johanna Stallman Gibson

Cynthia I. Gonzales

Drs. Cindy and Bob Gratz

Kelvon Hansen and Neil Ely

Ted and Irene Hindson

Michael and Connie Hogarty

Cathy Ingalls and Norm Glorioso

Kevin and Melissa Katz

Carol and Jerry Keating

Jana O. Kelly

Roseann M. Mandziuk

Patricia Muehl

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Niemiec

Bob and Brita Northcutt

Barbara Piersol

Ann K. Ray

Dorothy "Dot" Renfrow

John C. Schmidt

Nico Schuler

Dennis and Denise Smart

Bruce L. Smith

Karen and Marty Sosby

Larry and Debra Sowards

Dr. Ruth B. Welborn

Patrice and Gary Werner



Gary and Gini Aalen

Dwain A. Aidala

Heather Aidala

AIX Interests, Inc.

Letha and Terry Allen

Don and Carolyn Asbell

John and Amy Beck

Patricia Becker

Louis Obdyke and Scott Bentley

Dr. Glenna M. Billingsley and Ms. Betty G. Billingsley

Ron and Alberta Birk

Laurie T. Blank

Charles and Joye Blankenship

Kristine and John Caldwell

Jimmy and Sue Cobb

Bucky and Pam Couch

Dr. and Mrs. James H. Crawford

Jan and Bill Fillman

Michele and Brian Frizzell

Jerry Gindele

Paul Gowens

Patrick and Carla Graham

Johanna K. Hansen

Susan K. Hanson

Dick and Andrea Heaberlin

Becky and Bill Huff

Mr. and Mrs. C. Kern Huff

Christabel B. Jorgenson

Sharon Lockett

Brad H. Manos

Richard McBride

McNabb & Company Real Estate Services

Melissa and Aart Millecam

David and Stephanie Mingarelli

Marsha M. Moore

July Moreno

Morgan Morris

Ben and Linda Nelson

Michael and Kris Niblett

David and Victoria Nordick

Dianne Pape

Patricia Pattison

Jim and Mary Pendergast

Edith Stuart Phillips

George Plava

LeeAnn R. Poschman

John and Rita Powell

Don and Beth Rankin

Perry and Susan Raybuck

Mr. and Mrs. Don Rees

Gene and Tami Roe

Kristi Salinas

Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Short

Tim and Sherril Sibley

James Sigler

Marlene R. Silcocks

Mr. James and Dr. Joanne Smith

Amy Stanfield

Harry and Ellie Stewart

Linda and Theron Stimmel

Laura H. Tanner

Lillian Wacker

John and Janace Wade

Robert R. Wallis

Chris and Rachel Waples

Lisha G. WilkinsonBarker

Cathy Fleuriet and Lee Williams

Dr. Paula Williamson and Dr. Don Koehler



Kimberly S. Adams

Donald Anderson

Gary and Janet Aron

Terri and Ron Balderach

Ms. Lynn R. Buehler

Jacqueline R. Cable

Dana and Judy Campbell

John T. Capps

Sarah Carlisle

Mark A. Clark

Thomas and Elizabeth Clark

Stacy Clayton

Rex and Suzanne Cole

Valerie L. Creveling

Rebecca Cultra

Lena Davis

Marguerite DeBolt Piano Studio

Mary Pat Dettmer

Sue and Earl Dittman

Helen Edge

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ellis

Jennifer Espinoza

Dorothy Evans

Sheila Fling

Adair Flowers

David Forrest

Lorita Ford

Kevin D. Gilley

Richard A. Gray

Randall P. Gunter

John Hardy

Marc and Laura Haygood

Dennis and Jackie Heitkamp

Wendell and Laura Hethcock

Merlene Hitz

Bill and Susan Holt

Toby and Saud Hooper

Carol D. Husbands

Maggie Hutchins and Adam Wagner

Diane Insley

Roberta and Wayne Janes

Sally Jochimsen

Lucy C. Johnson

David Knowles

Roxolin Boxe Krueger

Rick and Monica Lane

Melanie Liddle

Jo Ann M. Loe

Julie A. Lowe

Diann and Terry McCabe

Barbara Chambers McHale

Robert Meier

Margaret Mitchell

Vernon Monzingo

Nancy N. Moore

Mike and Jane Moore

Kathleen M. Morris

Joan Nagel

John E. O'Brien

Charles O'Neil

David Nettel

Barb Payne

Joan G. Phalen

Herb Plehn

Beverly Pollard

Phyllis and Pat Porter

Dr. Sandy Rao

Becky Duval Reese

Lea and Timothy Rice

Curt Rodriguez

Joanne Mize Ross

Jack and Mary Seaborne

Terry and Carol Serur

Reverand Jerrell and Maureen Sharp

Stanley L. Sissom

John M. Slavin

Marty and Lauren Sorell

Jim Bob and Lisa Spencer

James R. Spencer

Billie J. Stoepler

Marian M. Stasney

Deirdre Storrar

William and Betty Taylor

Judith M. Telford

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Thompson

Martin and Elizabeth Turner

Pamela and Monty Tyler

Ann Tyrrell

Bonnie Ruth Brown Tyssen

Esther Varga

Terry L. Vaught

Nancy Warren

Ben P. Wehman

Matthew Worthington

Dr. and Mrs. Benton P. Zwart

Dr. Robert and Sandra Zwick

*Updated on April 23, 2020