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Advisory Board

Officer Term exp. Full Name
President 2020 Kelvon Hansen
Vice President 2020 Kaylene Ray
Secretary 2020 Karen Gordon Sosby
  2021 Mary Ellen Cavitt
  2021 Gary Germer
  2021 Lucy Johnson
  2021 Kevin Katz
  2020 July Moreno
  2020 Chuck Peralez
  2019 Amy Stansfield
  2019 Lauren Tuttle
  2019 Amy Stansfield
Dean   Dr. John Fleming
Staff Liason   Mr. Kevin D. Gilley
Director, School of Music   Dr. Tom Clark
Events and Publications Coor.   Ms. Jennifer Stephenson
Director, School of Art and Design   Mr. Michael Niblett
Director, Journalism and Mass Comm.   Dr. Judy Oskam
Director, Division of Dance   Ms. Michelle Nance
Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance   Ms. Deb Alley
Chair, Department of Communication Studies   Dr. Erik Timmerman
Emeritus   Dr. T. Richard Cheatham

2014/15 Advisory Board Hand-Book (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

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