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Our Donors

Thank you to our donors who gave, or pledged, over $1.5 million this year. 

Your support elevates our students and programs to ever-greater heights.


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  • 1,000,000+

    Anonymous  (Endowed Scholarship in honor of Mary Rose Brown)



    Mrs. Catherine E. Supple (Research Endowment)



    Mike and Dianne Bowman

    Sharon and Joe Lockett (Camerata Endowed Scholarship) 

    Mr. James M. Sablic (Endowed Scholarship)

    Vera Fischer (Endowed Scholarship)



    Dr. Steven A. Beebe and Mrs. Sue Beebe

    Mrs. Deborah A. Hiott and Mr. Jason Merlo

    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Keller

    Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

    The RockJensen Foundation

    Texas Hill Country Opera & Arts

    Ms. Cynthia L. Barratt and Mr. Nat G. Adkins, Jr.

    Carla and Patrick Graham with Merrill Lynch match

    Dr. and Mrs. Perry D. Moore

    Mrs. Patricia Muehl with Exxon match 

    Mr. Patrick W. Price 

    Lt. Col. George C. Carruthers and Dr. Marilyn T. Gaddis



    Mrs. Irene L. Abernathy

    Ms. Mary Rose Brown

    Col. Ed Komandosky and Mrs. Komandosky

    Schwab Charitable Fund

    Time Warner Cable Shared Service Center

    The Lee 1996 Trust

    American Advertising Federation, Inc.

    Texas Hill Country Opera & Arts

    Dr. John P. Fleming and Dr. Julie T. Jalil

    Dan Quinn

    Texas Association of Music Schools



    Ms. Linda Duffield

    Hahn Public Communications

    Texas Auto Writers Association, Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Young

    Kearran Giovanni Inc.

    Texas Association of Music Schools

    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gaultney

    Ms. Shannon M. FitzPatrick and Mr. Ronnie D. Bowden

    The Presser Foundation



    Mr. Miles Abernathy

    Eugene and Lynne Bourgeois

    Mrs. Rachel K. Boynton

    Ms. Francesca L. Brockett and Mr. Jim Pedicano

    Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy G. Cobb

    Mr. Michael R. Davis

    Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Estaville, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Estrada

    Mr. and Mrs. Barry N. Fealy

    Dr. Cathy A. Fleuriet and Dr. Lee Williams

    Mr. Shane M. Fraser

    Mrs. Rosaura C. Gonzales and CMSgt. Tomas Gonzales

    Mr. and Mrs. Chris R. Hinger

    Ms. Carrie A. Hurt

    Dr. E. Carmen Imel

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kickirillo

    Ms. Nora A. Linares-Moeller and Mr. Michael L. Moeller

    Dr. and Mrs. Savario J. Mungo

    Dr. Charles Ney and Mrs. Michelle Ney

    Mr. Thomas Nyman

    Mrs. Lucille A. Patterson

    Mrs. Eleanor P. Pulver

    Ms. Ann Stevens

    Mr. Nicholas H. Wilcockson

    Mr. and Mrs. Lowry L. Wilson

    Texas State Alumni Association - Del Rio

    Ms. Eleanor B. Crook

    Dr. Bruce L. Smith

    Dave and Margaret Nardecchia

    Mr. and Mrs. Kaare J. Remme

    Barbara and Darrell Piersol

    Ingram Family Foundation

    Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Petroff

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Baldwin

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Copeland

    Ms. Katy Meaker Menges and Mr. John Kenneth Menges, Jr.

    Mr. and Mrs. Derrel D. Renfrow

    The Rose Petroff Foundation

    Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Salem

    Ms. Debbie R. Alley

    Dr. Cynthia I. Gonzales and Mr. Bill Gujardo

    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Brown

    Mrs. Peggy Brunner

    Col. Ben I. Gomez

    Dr. and Mrs. James P. Kushner

    Dr. Jim Studer and Dr. Roseann M. Mandziuk

    Mr. and Mrs. Chelcie Ross

    Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Salem

    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Brown



    Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Bowers IV

    Ted and Frances Breihan

    Dann and Lisa Brown

    Mr. Jim T. Brown

    Ms. Linda Byers

    Mrs. Jacqueline R. Cable

    Kristi and John Caldwell

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Campion

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Cernosek

    Mr. and Mrs. Bob R. Covey

    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Crandell

    Bill and Brenda Damron

    Ms. Elette K. Estrada

    Bill and Janet Fly

    Dr. Gilbert E. Fulmer

    Ms. Jody A. Gibson

    Mrs. Johanna Haley

    Dr. and Mrs. Theodore T. Hindson

    Ms. Lesley E. Holloway Kearney and Mr. Jacob E. Kearney

    Vickye and Mark Lambdin

    Eugene and Clarice Lee

    Mr. and Mrs. Marty C. Lenard

    Ms. Kaylene Ray

    Ms. Gayle M. Jasinski and Mr. J. A. Rogers

    Mr. and Mrs. Chelcie Ross

    Shad and Jennifer Scharlach

    Dr. Joanne H. Smith and Mr. James E. Smith

    Dr. Melinda M. Villagran and Mr. Paul D. Villagran

    Lisa and Jim Bob Spencer, Jr. 

    Janice and  John Wade

    Dr. Patrice H. Werner and Mr. Gary T. Werner

    Mrs. Phyllis Whitaker

    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Whited III

    Ms. Lisha G. WilkinsonBarker and Mr. Colin  Wilkinson

    Tres Hermanas Restaurant

    Public Relations Student Society of America

    The Heart of Texas Suzuki Organization

    Planto Roe Financial Services, Inc.

    Clover Fritz LLC

    Drs. Dennis L. and Denise T. Smart

    Dallas Summer Musicals

    Clear Commercial Real Estate, LLC

    Knickerbocker, Heredia, Jasso & Salinas, PC

    Dr. Ruth B. Welborn

    Texas Hill Country Opera & Arts


Ed and Susan Komandosky

Ed and Susan Komandosky

College Donors


Ed and Susan Komandosky have had the opportunity to watch Texas State develop from the relatively small college it was in the 1960s when they graduated into the large university it is today. Susan spent 32 years putting her journalism education training to use teaching high school journalism. Ed used his journalism training throughout his career, first in the newspaper business and later as Public Information Officer for the Texas National Guard. 

“We were both the first in our families to attend college and because of that experience we understand what a difference a good education can make in the life of a person. The undergraduate degrees we earned at Texas State University set us on the path for our future careers. We believe that it is important to pay it forward and help other young people afford a college education.” 

Ed and Susan Komandosky

Señor Cicero A. Rust

College Donor


Señor Cicero A. Rust III, a resident of Blanco, earned his Bachelor of Science in Spanish in 1972, followed by his Master of Arts in Spanish in 1973. The endowment for mariachi scholarships was created in honor of former members of the Rio Pedernales Chapter of La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica at LBJ High School in Johnson City, Texas, the English Club members at Floresville High School in Floresville, Texas, and his former fifth grade Sunday school students at the First Baptist Church in Blanco, Texas.

“Texas State University equipped me to relish a perfectly blessed teaching career instructing Spanish and English. I also fondly remember the night mariachis serenaded Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson in 1960 at a political rally at Blanco State Park; my love of mariachi music was solidified that evening. My heart is blessed by the preservation of the Mariachi tradition at Texas State.”

Daymon and Pat Muehl

Daymon and Pat Muehl

College Donors


My husband’s life started at a small family Texas farm where German was the only language spoken. His economics degree from Texas State allowed him to progress to being the advertising director with one of the world’s largest corporations (now Exxon Mobil).  A small inheritance allowed Daymon to attend Texas State Teachers College, and he wanted to give others the same opportunity to reach their dreams.  

“Daymon made sure he donated every year starting with his first paycheck. The trait that attracted me to him is that he always wanted to help others, not only financially but in many other ways. He made it possible for me to carry out his wishes after he passed away in 2013. I have enjoyed so many arts events at Texas State, and I am grateful to be able to support fine arts students at his alma mater.”

- Pat Muehl

Ryan and Ericka Fogarty

Ryan and Ericka Fogarty

College Donors

Endowed Music Scholarship


Alum Ryan Fogarty and his wife Erika are medical device sales professionals who are passionate about supporting the arts.  

“Without the competitive scholarship and resulting in-state tuition I was awarded from Texas State, I would have never been able to afford to make the move to San Marcos from my home state of Iowa. My years at Texas state helped build a foundation of skills that I use to be successful in everyday life, and we are both looking forward to being able to help future students have that opportunity as well.”

- Ryan Fogarty

Mike George

In memory of Mike George

College Donors

Scholarship and Speaker Series Endowment


Michael and Bill Ruddock, Elizabeth and Rick Rosenblum, Evans and Ester George, banded together to honor the memory of their brother and son, Mike George an Emmy-winning television news journalist who found his passion for the truth and a good story while at Texas State.  

“Our family is determined to extend the legacy that Mike George built during his too-short time with us. Mike’s passion for people came from his small town values of hard work, integrity, and friendship. He reflected those values throughout his life, and most certainly in his journalist. These scholarships honoring Mike at his Alma Mater would make him so very proud as they serve to energize young minds intent on blazing their own unique paths in pursuit through hard work, integrity, and friendship.”


Dr. Marilyn Gaddis and Lt. Col. George Carruthers

Dr. Marilyn Gaddis and Lt. Col. George Carruthers

College Donors

Annual Theatre Scholarships


Dr. Marilyn Gaddis, an educator for 44 years who pioneered a program to work with gifted and talented students, and Lt. Col. George Carruthers, a World War II veteran who spent 30 years in the Air Force, are San Marcos residents who believe firmly in the values of art, education, and “paying it forward.”  

“We believe talent is a gift which should be shared. We are pleased to be able to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their talents under gifted teachers and to share their talents with others.”

- Dr. Marilyn Gaddis and Lt. Col. George Carruthers

Steve and Sue Beebe

Steve and Sue Beebe

College Donors


Steve and Sue Beebe have been part of the Texas State University community for more than 30 years. Sue has received Presidential Awards for Excellence in teaching and Service; Steve has received Presidential Awards for Research and twice for Service. After serving a Director of Lower-Division Studies in English, Sue retired in 2014 from the Department of English at Texas State. Steve is Regents’ and University Distinguished Professor, and concurrently served as Chair of the Department of Communication Studies and Associate Dean of the College for 28 years.  

“From our earliest student days, throughout our long teaching careers, we have witnessed firsthand the power of education to change lives. As first-generation college students ourselves, we obtained our educational goals and entered our chosen academic careers with the aid of generous scholarship support provided by others. We are happy to ‘pay it forward’ and help current and future Texas State students achieve their dreams.”

- Steve and Sue Beebe

Joe and Sharon Lockett

Joe and Sharon Lockett

College Donors


Joe (Captain USN retired) and Sharon Lockett settled in San Marcos after decades of frequent moves during Joe’s career. Both native Texans (and both graduates of Rice U.), the Lockett’s looked for a small but vibrant community in their home state, close to cities known for celebrating the arts in general and performance in particular. San Marcos seemed a perfect fit, and later an opportunity to support Texas State’s new Performing Arts Center confirmed their choice. Now Joe and Sharon are encouraging investment in scholarships for the talented students who use this extraordinary resource in Central Texas.  

“We are long-time supporters of the educational values that come through arts training and education, including music (develops mathematical ability), drama ( enhances self-esteem and expression), and dance (combining athletics and art). We recognize that these are a part of the fabric of a healthy community.”

- Joe and Sharon Lockett

Cathy Supple

Cathy Supple

College Donor


Cathy Supple has joined a variety of fine arts programs and events. Her interest has expanded into several donations: scholarships in Musical Theatre, as well as twice participating in The Producer’s Circle for Musical Theatre. She recently took advantage of the state’s matching research donations by reaching into her retirement savings to help both Musical Theatre and the Study for the Southwest. Married to former Texas State President Jerry Supple, she continues to take part in support a variety of Texas State endeavors. Although technically not an alum or a Bobcat, she has felt at home in the university setting with a variety of activities.  

“Jerry and I have always believed in the value of the arts to enrich society, and we have seen how arts education transforms both individuals and communities. When I received the thank you letters from students who received scholarship support, I knew I wanted to do more. It is gratifying to be able to contribute to the fine arts at Texas State and to see the students graduate and make their mark in the world.”

- Cathy Supple