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The field of sculpture continues to undergo dramatic changes in conceptual approaches, materials and techniques. The sculpture area at Texas State provides the student with an environment that is conducive to the exploration of ideas through contemporary and traditional approaches to making art. These include light, sound, performance and site specific, as well as the much-cherished use of the foundry, woodshop, welding and modeling facilities. The development of the student’s personal aesthetic is always coupled with their expansion into the ever-diversifying approaches to making sculpture.  Our facility provides ample room for the student to experiment with large-scale works and to become technically proficient in a variety of media. The internship program places qualified students in the studios of professional artists that employ a variety of media including bronze casting and large-scale carving of Styrofoam. In addition, all of our 3D areas at Texas State provide outstanding opportunities for the student to bridge their interests in sculpture with fibers, metals and ceramics.