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The Metals program at Texas State University offers comprehensive technical, critical and conceptual curriculum in the field of metalsmithing.   The program builds on metalsmithing's rich hybrid history based in fine art, studio craft and industrial design and encourages students to explore a wide range of conceptual avenues in the creation of jewelry, functional objects, design prototypes, installation, performance and sculpture.  The undergraduate BFA program is highly individualistic according to students' needs and graduate level courses are also available for students working on masters' degrees in other areas. 

The 4,100 sq. ft. state of the art Metals facility features dedicated studios for fabrication, casting and mold making, machining, etching and patination, enameling, soldering, raising and forming, with an additional 1,000 sq. ft. outdoor forging and welding patio and work area.  Students have access to a substantial collection of tools and equipment for all basic and advanced metalsmithing techniques.   In-studio Macintosh OS computers have comprehensive Adobe Creative Suite software.  Well-known visiting artists in the field are invited to campus each year to augment and diversify the curriculum.  Students are encouraged to participate in these and other professional experiences such as exhibition opportunities and professional conferences according to their interests.  

Texas State University graduates specializing in Metals have a number of career options and are regularly accepted into respected graduate programs or move directly into jewelry and metalsmithing related employment and teaching.