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2018 School of Art & Design Scholarships

$29,350 of FREE money for your studies for all levels!

Below, you will find the required forms, instructions and deadlines to apply for scholarships.

Step 1: Check out all the FREE MONEY!

Read the Scholarship Information for 2018.

Step 2: Email your intention to apply

E-mail Christy Ferrara to express your intention to apply by 5:00pm Friday, March 9th. Please provide your TX State User ID and she will set up a TRACS drop box for you in the 2018 Scholarship site.

Step 3: Materials required for application:

  1. A completed Application Form (Download the Form)
  2. A typed Resume in PDF format
  3. A short bio in PDF format
  4. Faculty Recommendation (All scholarships require 1 faculty recommendation letter)
  5. A Texas State transcript (Download the Instructions)
  6. Documentation of creative and scholarly work embedded in your Application Form PDF (View the Instructions)

Step 4: Upload Materials by April 6th @ 5:00pm

Upload all forms and examples of work to your 2018 Scholarship TRACS drop-box.

Deadlines for Submission:

3/9 — Intention to apply must be received by Christy Ferrara by 5pm

4/6 — Submission of all materials and forms to your 2018 Scholarship TRACS drop-box