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Financial Aid

The University Financial Aid Office can assist students with the funding of a graduate degree.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

The Graduate College offers scholarships and fellowships including:

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Course Tuition and Fees

A number of our courses are offered online and/or blended. These courses are charged an electronic course fee of $50 per credit hour. If a student is enrolled in solely off-campus courses, then the following four fees will be waived: medical service fee, recreational sports fee, bus fee, and student center fee. Students enrolled in both off-campus and on-campus courses will be charged all the fees mentioned above. Tuition and fees information can be found at: 

Graduate Assistantships

The MFA Communication Design program offers a limited number of assistantships to graduate students to help fund their graduate education. Most of the assistantships in the School of Art & Design allow selected students to gain experience teaching in the undergraduate communication design program.

Graduate Assistants are paid a stipend for 20 hours per week of work. In addition, students who would normally be charged out-of-state tuition rates are lowered to in-state rates. Graduate Assistantship information can be found at: