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Our graduate students have been brewing up some great work and earning both national and international recognition. If you are a current student and would like to submit an award for this list, please use this form.

2018 Graduate Student Achievements in Design

Showcase 2018 Juried Exhibition (MFA Program)

Harris, Leslie. 2018 Best of Show.

Mitschke, Sara. 2018 Best of Show.

Ngyuen, Thi. 2018 Best of Show.

Texas State University Graduate College Thesis Fellowship Award

Jakhar, Yamna. 2018 Recipient.

Sides, Roxanne. 2018 Recipient.

Turner, Thomas. 2018 Recipient.

2017 Graduate Student Achievements in Design

Texas State University Graduate College Thesis Fellowship Award

 Willard, Lisa. 2017 Recipient.

2017 Hackathon Team Innovation Award (Juried Locally)

 Golembeksi, Jordan. Smart Cities Hackathon.

Dallas National Student Show (Regional)

 Willard, Lisa. Inside Dutch Design.

Rice Business Competition (National)

 Nguyen, Thi. 2x2o Team.

School of Art & Design Outstanding Graduate Student (School)

  Buck, Mikaela.

Concept Scholarship Award 2017 (MFA Juried Locally)

  Himes, Matthew. LocaLore. First Place.

  Jakhar, Yamna. Fighting Stigma in the Cannabis Industry. Runner Up.

  Malate, Asha. A Comparative Study on Japanese and American
    Packaging Design and its Impact on Cultural Eating Habits.
    Runner Up.

Print Magazine / Print Typography & Lettering  (National)

  Nguyen, Thi. Simply Canon – Typeface Design. Merit Winner.

Communication Arts 2017 Annual Typography Competition (National)

  Paz, Analee. Grimms Poster. Publication and Trophy

2016 Graduate Student Achievements in Design

National Student Show (Regional)

            Soto, Brianna. Twilight Zone Poster Series. Merit.

 Soto, Brianna. Brand Book. Merit.

OsoBay XIX (Regional)

Gosnell, Patrick and Rivera, Cesar. DeL 2014: Forging Creative Connections. Texas Hall of Fame Exhibit.

Starr, Lindsay. Carrie's War Book Cover. Texas Hall of Fame Exhibit.

College of Fine Arts & Communication Outstanding Graduate Student (College Juried)

Starr, Lindsay.

Showcase (MFA Juried Locally + Exhibition)

Gomez, Patricia. Edible San Antonio. Best of Show.

Quarterman, Chase. Wander. Best of Show.

Starr, Lindsay. Book & Mortar. Best of Show.

Terrell, Trey. A Song of Smoke & Pixels. Best of Show.

Graphis Design Annual (International)

Gosnell, Patrick and Rivera, Cesar. DeL 2014: Forging Creative Connections. 2015 Merit.

2015 Graduate Student Achievements in Design

Poster for Tomorrow – Right to Healthcare (International)

Chattin, Cameo. Access to Universal Healthcare Maze. Shortlisted.

Golembeski, Jordan. The Cost of Healthcare. Shortlisted.

Starr, Lindsay. Eternal Slumber. Top 100 posters in Print & Exhibit.

Penguin Random House Book Cover Competition (International)

Starr, Lindsay. Carrie's War. 2015 Shortlisted.

Texas State University Graduate College Thesis Fellowship Award

Rivera, Cesar. 2015 Recipient.

Creative Summit 28 (National)

Rivera, Cesar. Bound by German Design Tradition Innovation. Medal of Excellence. 

Rivera, Cesar. Design Jobs. Medal of Excellence.

Rivera, Cesar. Land of the Floating World Book. Medal of Excellence.

Rivera, Cesar. Bound by German Design Tradition Innovation. Coveted Memorial Ralph. 

Rivera, Cesar. Land of the Floating World Book. Special Merit Award

Starr, Lindsay. Book & Mortar. Medal of Excellence. 

Starr, Lindsay. Insta-Type. Medal of Excellence. 

Starr, Lindsay. Flip the Myth Find the Truth. Medal of Excellence. 

Starr, Lindsay. Letterpress Abcedarium. Medal of Excellence. 

Starr, Lindsay. Paper Sweethearts. Medal of Excellence. 

Starr, Lindsay. WAC. Medal of Excellence. 

Starr, Lindsay. Book & Mortar. Clampitt Award. 

Vernon, Zachary. Typographic Profile "Skin Deep". Medal of Excellence.

Quarterman, Chase. PJ China. The Chris Hill Creative Passion Award.

Soto, Brianna. Homeless. Medal of Excellence.

MFA Concept Award Scholarship 2015 (MFA Juried Locally)

Ryan, Erica. Winner. 

2014 Graduate Student Achievements in Design

Creative Summit, Cronan Intensity Award (National)

Rivera, Cesar. The People Book. 2014 Recipient.

AIGA Texas Show (Regional)

Rivera, Cesar. 3rd Place Student Award.

University and College Designers Association (UCDA) Scholarship (National)

Gosnell, Patrick. 2014 Recipient.

Outstanding School of Art & Design Graduate Student (University)

Gosnell, Patrick. 2014 Recipient.

2014 Green Chemistry & Engineering Business Plan Competition (National)

Rivera, Cesar. Member of the SioTexas team. Grand Prize.

Graduate College Scholarship (University)

Rivera, Cesar. 2014 Recipient.

DSVC National Student Show (Regional)

Rivera, Cesar. The People Book. Show.

Rice Business Plan Competition 2014 (National)

Rivera, Cesar. Member of SioTex team. Texas HALO Fund $125,000 Investment Prize.

Poster for Tomorrow (International)

Weissenbuehler, Andrea. Wave and Music. Short listed.

Graduate College Thesis Research Support Award

Wright, April. 2014 Recipient.

SHOWCASE 2014 (MFA juried locally + exhibition)

Rivera, Cesar. The People Book. Best of Show.

Pliego, Jonathan. A Home for Everyone. Runner-up.

Frank, Bill. Animals. Jurors Award.

McDaniel, Lisa. The Help. Jurors Award.

Rivera, Cesar. Dick & Jane. Jurors Award.

2013 Graduate Student Achievements in Design

 Pixels of Fury Competition – San Antonio

Rivera, Cesar. Home for the Holidays. Runner-Up.

City of San Marcos Storm Water Manhole Cover Contest

Weissenbuehler, Andrea. Marvelous San Marcos Salamander. Grand Prize.

Austin Ad Federation (Regional)

Goode, Larry. Burton's Big Adventure. Silver Addy Award (Professional Category)

Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection - Art Institute of Chicago (National)

Goode, Larry. Look Up Art Book. Acquired for special collections library.

Goode, Larry. Lacuna Art Book. Acquired for special collections library.

Associated Student Government Scholarship (2013 - 2014)

Rivera, Cesar.

Graduate College Scholarship Award (2013-2014)

Beane, Maria.

Gosnell, Patrick.

Rivera, Cesar.

Creative Summit 27 (National)

Beane, Maria. Dreams. Certificate of Excellence.

Beane, Maria.  United We Consume. Certificate of Excellence.

Gosnell, Patrick. World Wide Wasteland: A semi-scientific analysis of one man's digital footprint. Certificate of Excellence.

Miller, Blake. Jello. Coveted Memorial Ralph Award.

Miller, Blake. Girl in Box. Coveted Memorial Ralph Award.

Miller, Blake. Deify & Crucify – Rise and Fall of Professional Athletes. Certificate of Excellence.

Rivera, Cesar. The People Book. Cronan Intensity Award.

Rivera, Cesar. Sept. 21. Certificate of Excellence. 

CMYK Magazine's Top 100 New Creatives (National)

Blake Miller. Bambroom Sustainable Product & Packaging. Top 100 New Creatives.

2012 Achievements
In Effect
Creative Summit 26
Graphis Logo Design
San Antonio Addys: Student
Graphis Poster Annual

2011 Achievements
AIGA Blue Ridge Flux 11 Student
GOOD50X70 Poster Competition
The Walker Art Center
LogoLounge 7
Graduate College Awards
San Antonio Advertising Federation
Creative Summit 25
Brass Ring Awards 25
Graphis New Talent Annual

2010 Achievements
Graphis: Design Annual 
Hiiibrand 2010
CMYK Top 100 Creatives #49
AIGA Blue Ridge Flux 10 Student Design Competition 
Art Director's Club of Houston 
WOLDA—The Worldwide Logo Design Annual 
Mediabistro Logo Awards 
Graphic Design USA 
GOOD50X70 Poster Competition
Creative Quarterly 19
Green Patroit Posters 
CMYK Top 100 Creatives #47
LogoLounge 6 
Creative Summit 24
Creative Quarterly

2009 Achievements
Art Director's Club of Houston 
AIGA Blue Ridge Flux 
Harvard University Graduate School of Design Canary Project 
GOOD50X70 Poster Competition
Step Inside Design Step100 Competition