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Jason Reed: Art + Social Practice

Jason Reed working with a young student

Borderland Collective is a social art practice that facilitates projects geared around the idea of collaborative creation. We work with teachers, youth, families, and other artists (including a number of Texas State colleagues) to explore the American cultural landscape, with the goal of creating an archive of imagery that provides an inclusive representation of our time and place. This idea partly grew out of my work as an AmericCorps outreach teacher in Albuquerque, where I worked with public school teachers to develop a photo project with youth at the Native American Charter Academy. Though it also developed in collaboration with Ryan Sprott, a friend and public school teacher who was looking for a way to creatively engage his high school students in West Texas. Together we developed a way to bridge art and education creating both a catalyst for student success and a meaningful project about the cultural identity of the places we were working.

Jason Reed holds a BA in Geography from the University of Texas-Austin and an MFA in Photography from Illinois State University. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Photography at Texas State University and founding co-director of Borderland Collective, a participatory art program that has worked with more than 100 youth across the American Southwest over the last four years. Culling from the archives of Borderland Collective he has created gallery and public space exhibitions of collaborative work in Texas, Illinois, Brooklyn, Washington, D.C. and Mexico City. He has received grants from Texas State University, the Texas Commission on the Arts, Labotonica, and the Sappi Ideas that Matter program. Outside of his collaborative role, his individual work has been exhibited at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, St. Edwards University in Austin, UTSA Satellite Space in San Antonio, Box 13 in Houston, NYU 7th Floor Gallery, in the 2011 Texas Biennial, and this summer at Co-Lab Gallery in Austin and Anika Handelt Galerie in Vienna, Austria.