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Dr. Jill Fantauzza, Assistant Professor of Communication Design

Jill FantauzzaFantauzza works along a spectrum of creative practice in art, design, and invention. Originally a fine arts painter with an undergraduate math degree, Jill began combining visual design with programming fifteen years ago as an early web designer and programmer for a multimedia design firm. While earning her Ph.D. in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology, Jill developed a practice focusing on interactive technologies whether it be in art, design, or engineering contexts. This work includes web design, augmented reality design, experiments with interactive and responsive smart materials, and the design of interactive sculptures and textiles. Jill's research on patterns of creative practice across the various disciplines for the National Science Foundation earned her a Foley Scholarship for Research Excellence at Georgia Tech.

Dr. Fantauzza will be teaching graduate and undergraduate Interactive Design courses in the Communication Design Program.

Dr. Fantauzza's Work