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Alumni Feature: Owen Drysdale

view of 2 paintings on walls in gallery artist owen drysdale

Owen Drysdale's Hot Summer Deadly Day, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

Owen Drysdale graduated from Texas State in the spring of 2013 with a BFA in painting and is currently working towards his MFA at Syracuse University, New York. Owen recently participated in the Syracuse University MFA Artist in Residence Program in London and a recent solo exhibition at Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston. His work has been featured in New American Paintings, The Houston Chronicle, Modern Dallas, and The Austin American Statesman.

When asked about his graduate school experience, Owen says: “My experience at Syracuse has been positive and I feel that my work has developed significantly over my time here. I have a studio of my own and the freedom to follow where my practice takes me. It is a great location in that I'm able to focus in Syracuse but also able to get to New York City and see exhibitions. My plans after graduation (as of this moment) are to move to Houston and look for teaching positions.”

For his recent exhibition at Barbara Davis Gallery, Hot Summer Deadly Day, the gallery describes Owen Drysdale’s paintings as being “inspired by memories and associations of a town in the heavy heat of summer. Familiar faces and vast landscapes are used as a point of departure in an inner dialogue. A dialogue that focuses on observed actions and past experiences in such a way that they become emblematic of a particular time in an individual's life. Associations such as the lush hues of mulberries muddled on the bottom of your shoe, the refuge of a swimming hole from the sweltering temperatures and a well-pruned oleander's intrusive shape, inspire these compositions.”

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