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Jennifer Stob

jen stob picture

Associate Professor

PhD, Yale University



Art historian Jennifer Stob received her BA from Grinnell College in 2000 and her MA and joint PhD degree from the Department of the History of Art and the Film Studies Program at Yale University in 2010. Her research interests lie at the intersection of contemporary art, experimental cinema and artists’ video. She teaches courses on art after 1945, time-based media, the history of cinema from within the visual arts, avant-garde collectivity and aesthetic theory. In the classroom and in her scholarship, she focuses on the ideological contexts of art and visual culture as well as the different ways that art depicts and engages with social space. Her work has been published in Criticism, Evental Aesthetics, French Studies, Moving Image Review and Art Journal (MIRAJ), Parallax and Studies in French Cinema. Her film programing is a vital supplement to her research and teaching. The screenings she organized for The Black and Blue Danube Symposium at Colgate University in 2013 yielded two essays for anthologies: one for European Cinema After the Wall: Screening East-West Mobility on transnational filmmaker Goran Rebić and the second forthcoming in Watersheds: Poetics and Politics of the Danube River on experimental film and video artist Péter Forgács. She is finishing a manuscript on film theory and the Situationist International and has begun a second project on the Austria Filmmaker’s Cooperative. For more information on Stob’s projects, click here.