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MiHyun Kim

Assistant Professor, Communication Design
Office: JCM 3107A
Office Phone: 245-8146

MiHyun Kim holds MFA from University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth and she currently lives and works in Austin, Texas. As a graphic designer, artist, educator and maker, she has always been interested in the relationships between binary pairs; Eastern and Western, Art and Eesign, and You and I. The in-between spaces are often hidden, secretive and few people pay much attention to them. For the past 10 years She has been teaching Graphic Design, specializing in typography, web typography, interactive design. Currently, she is teaching at Texas State University as an Assistant Professor of Interactive Design within the School of Art and Design.

Her ongoing research interest is interactive storytelling/screen-based design work. Over the last few years she has evolved greatly as a designer, specifically adopting new skills in computer programming for interactive design. These new skills also have lead me to the field of data visualization. Her recent research combining computer programming with Graphic Design has yielded strong and exciting results. Recently she spoke “Graphic Design in Code” at 2015 Eeum Design Connect: International Design Congress organized by ico-d (International Council of Design) in Gwangju, Korea. Also, one such work has been acquired for the permanent collection at The Denmark Poster Museum while another was recognized at the VII International Triennial of Eco-Posters in Ukraine. One of her artist books – Typography as Storytelling– is in permanent Lonsford Collection at Purdue University.