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Johanna (Joey) Fauerso

Associate Professor, Studio Art: Drawing
Office: JCM 2112C
Office Phone: 245-3764


Joey Fauerso is an artist and Associate professor at Texas State University. Her work resides at the intersection between painting, drawing, and performance. Over the last ten years she has been working on a series of paintings, drawings and video that rely on gesture and improvisation to explore themes of nature, gender, family, and humor. The inspiration for the work is rooted in her experiences growing up in a Transcendental Meditation community in Iowa, an ongoing interest in the ways gender is expressed and defined in Western art, and most recently her experiences as a parent and observer of the cognitive and creative processes of children. Recently her work has been included in exhibitions at the Drawing Center in New York, The David Shelton Gallery in Houston, and Antenna Gallery in New Orleans. She lives with her family in San Antonio, Texas.