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Nicole DesChamps-Benke


Senior Lecturer, Studio Art: Metals
Fabrication Lab Manager
Office: JCM 1120
Office Phone: 245-3763


Embodying science and technology into art; Heightening awareness on environmental injustice by human civilization worldwide; Amplifying disturbing health issues associated with nutrition: These issues have inspired Nicole DesChamps-Benke's artwork over the past 20 years. Nicole teaches classes that integrate 3D digital fabrication technologies with traditional studio making processes at Texas State University and maintains her art practice in several studios and maker spaces in southern Texas. The Walker Art Museum Shop Gallery (Minneapolis), Aaron Faber Gallery (New York), American Craft Museum (New York), Gallery Okariya (Ginza District of Tokyo), Yamawaki Art college Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) and Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum (Nigata, Japan) have exhibited her work. Additional showcases can be found in publications, such as The Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes and Lockets; Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study; Metalsmith Magazine; and The Four Seasons of Jewelry Japanese quarterly journal. Nicole was a featured copresenter at the 1999 Society of North American Goldsmiths conference in St. Louis, Missouri, for being an early adopter of computer aided technologies. The Museum of Art and Design, formerly American Craft Museum, (New York) and Racine Art Museum (Racine) hold her work in their permanent collections.