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Adetty Pérez de Miles

Associate Professor and Coordinator, Art Education 
Office: JCM 1109
Office Phone: 245-3770

Adetty Pérez de Miles, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Art Education Program, earned a dual Ph.D. in Art Education and Women’s Studies at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include contemporary art and theory, socially engaged art practices, the intersection of art and technology, postcolonial and feminist theory, post-qualitative inquiry, and teacher education in the visual arts. At Texas State University, Pérez de Miles teaches courses in curriculum and pedagogical design to prepare preservice teachers to enter the field of art education and earn Texas Teacher Certification (EC-12).  Professor Pérez de Miles’s teaching is guided by arts-based and inquiry-based approaches to learning, digital pedagogies, socially responsive teaching centered on equity and diversity, and exploring critical and post-critical frameworks to support inclusive LGBQ+ and transgender curriculum and instruction. Prior to her teaching experiences in tertiary education, Pérez de Miles earned All-Level Teacher Licensure and was an art educator in public schools. She taught Advance Placement Art History, AP Studio (drawing, photography, ceramics), and led her schools’ International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the Visual Arts.

Dr. Pérez de Miles is the author of numerous peer-reviewed scholarly articles and book chapters on dialogic pedagogy, art as social practice, decolonial street art, visual culture, new media, material inquiry (New Materialism), feminist epistemology, and  Latin American art. She has given numerous presentations at national and international conferences in the US, Portugal, Turkey, Australia, and Germany. Prof. Pérez de Miles has taught graduate and undergraduate seminars in Brazil, and was the keynote speaker for Cross | Trans Cultural Communication: Art & Design as Social Practice, at the Graduate School of Creative Industry at the National Taiwan University of Art (NTUA), Taipei, Taiwan, 2017.
Teaching Portfolio


Select Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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