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Minor Programs

Minor in Art & Design

The minor in Art & Design provides students with a foundation of knowledge to better prepare them to use their creative abilities in today’s complex world. The advanced course selections are based on a student’s career goals and expectations.

The program is housed in the Joann Cole Mitte Art & Design Building. The building contains large, up-to-date facilities for Communication Design, Art History and Art Education. Spacious, modern studios are provided for Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Metals, Fibers, Sculpture, Ceramics and Photography.

Specific Requirements: ARTF 1301, 1302, and 1303. Fifteen additional hours, twelve of which must be advanced (3000 or 4000 level courses), chosen in consultation with the Chair of Art & Design.

Click here for full description of the Art and Design minor.

Minor in Art History

The School of Art and Design offers a Minor in Art History. 18 semester credit hours are required. This minor will offer students, who are interested in art history but do not want to major in it, the opportunity to acquire important visual and critical thinking skills central to the discipline.

We believe that the minor in Art History will help students increase their competitiveness in a job market where employees are particularly interested in well-rounded job applicants who not only have specific technical skills but also a wider understanding of history and culture. A student cannot both major and minor in the School of Art and Design.

Specific Requirements: ARTH 2301 and 2302.  Students select four Upper Division Art History Electives from the 3000 level lecture and 4000 level seminar courses, with the exception of ARTH 4325 (Art History Internship, offered every semester), the 4000 level courses are taught in rotation on a three-year cycle.

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