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Course Descriptions

Foundations of Photography I ARTS 2361,  3 hrs.

This course introduces basic concepts in photography through lecture, readings and studio practice in traditional and digital processes.

Foundations of Photography II ARTS 3361,  3 hrs.

This course introduces black and white aesthetics and techniques within a traditional and digital context. 

Introduction to Digital Photography ARTS 3364,  3 hrs.

This course introduces students to the aesthetics of current digital imaging technology, including new digital cameras, scanning equipment, Macintosh computers, image-manipulation programs and printing devices. 

Studio Photography ARTS 3365,  3 hrs.

This course uses a studio environment to explore issues in controlled lighting in photography.

Intermediate Digital Photography ARTS 3366,  3 hrs.

This course builds and expands upon the digital concepts and techniques covered in Introduction to Digital Photography. 

Readings in Photography ARTS 4360,  3 hrs. 

In this intensive writing course, students will read, write, and create studio projects in reaction to historical and contemporary written accounts of the history, practice, and interpretation of photography.

Advanced Digital Photography, ARTS 4364,  3 hrs.

This course explores advanced concepts and techniques in digital photography.

Photography Thesis I ARTS 4366,  3 hrs.

This course is a senior-level course for photography majors requiring a series of related photographs. This course is the first half of the senior thesis.

Photography Thesis II ARTS 4367,  3 hrs.

The course is the second half of the Senior Thesis for photography majors requiring a series of original photographs to be documented in a written creative statement. An exhibition in the gallery of some or all of the work culminates the senior thesis. 

Photography Special Problems, 3 hrs.

An advanced level, independent study in photography which requires students to pursue a personal conceptual direction and to develop the appropriate technical and critical skills necessary for creating a cohesive body of artwork. May be repeated with different emphasis for additional credit.