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Art History Course Descriptions

2301 Ancient to Medieval Art. (MC)

A survey of the history of painting, sculpture, and architecture from pre-historic through medieval periods.

2302 Renaissance to Modern Art. (MC)

A survey of art history from the fourteenth century through the twenty-first century.

3300 Art Criticism and Writing. (WI)
This course introduces students to the history and practice of art criticism and provides them with relevant tools and experiences to craft their own body of art criticism.

3301 History of Modern Art. (MP)
This course offers a survey of the stylistic trends, aesthetic issues, and evolving philosophy of modern art in Europe and the Americas from 1900 to 1965.

3306 History of Photography. (MP)
This course surveys the history of photography from its earliest manifestations until the present.
3307 Issues in Contemporary Art.
An issue-oriented survey of the diverse forms and concepts in contemporary art making practices, mostly from the United States, from 1965 to the present.
4300 History of American Art. (WI)
This course provides an intro­duction to American art and visual culture from ancient times to the 1950s.
4302 Latin American Art. (MC) (WI)
This course surveys the rich and varied visual art of Latin American and Caribbean countries from the wars of independence to the present day with a focus on recurring themes that have resonated in art throughout the region, such as modernism, international­ism, nationalism, race, identity, and political activism.
4303 Pre-Columbian Art. (MC) (WI)
A survey of the art of Pre-Columbian sites and cultures in Mesoamerica and the Central Andes, from pre-history to the European conquest.
4304 Global History of Cinema. (MC) (WI)
This course is a transnational survey of the evolution of cinematic form, production and reception. Students will analyze the regional and global context of selected major film styles, philosophies and industries. Movement across geographical and cultural borders will be a narrative theme that unites the films we discuss. LAB REQUIRED.
4306 Renaissance Art. (MC) (WI)
An in-depth survey of the history of Italian Renaissance art, with key works of art represtative of the Northern Renaissance. Course emphasizes the study of iconography and stylistic change, in conjunction with larger cultural developments.
4308 Asian Art. (MC) (WI)
A broad survey of the art of Asian cultures including India, Japan, and China from pre-history to the present.
4309 Gender and Visual Representation. (WI)
This course provides an introduction to art, theory, and visual culture concerned with issues of sexuality, gender experience, and difference. It explores, questions, and looks beyond the power dynamics involved in traditional categories of femininity and masculinity through their symbolic expression.
4310 Race and Representation. (WI)
This course explores the variegated ways that race, and, by implication, identity and difference, is figured and represented in a range of cultural productions, including art, film and visual culture.
4311 History of Italian Art.
Taught on-site and centered in Florence, Italy, this course represents a targeted immersion into Renaissance art and culture and includes the study of pivotal works of art and architecture across the Italian peninsula. May be substituted for ARTH 2301 or ARTH 2302.
4312 The Arts in Popular Culture. (WI)
This course examines popular culture, including the emergence of mass culture, and its complex intersections with the fine arts from the nineteenth century onward.
4313 Hellenistic Art and Culture. (WI)
This course focuses on the Greek aesthetic tradition from the fourth century BCE to the end of the first century CE, with a cross-disciplinary emphasis on the interaction of Greek and non-Greek cultures from Northern India to the Italian peninsula.

4314 Art and Politics. (WI)
This course explores various ways in which artists and patrons have worked to change or endorse political policy, exploring art both as a tool for social cohesion in support of a particular political party or ideal and as a means of political protest.

4315 History of Experimental Cinema. (WI)
This course provides an overview of experiments in avant-garde and artists' films from 1920 until the present. Students will learn how to analyze the meaning in moving images that exhibit unconventional narratives and will examine reactions these films have provoked in audiences past and present.

4316 Islamic Art. (WI)
This course will survey the art, architecture, and urban formations associated with the religion of Islam across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

4320A Documentary Photography. (WI)
This course explores key issues in the theory, history, and practice of documentary photography.

4320B Curatorial Practices. (WI)
This course considers the history and cultural significance of the practice of curating and exhibition making.
4321O Spanish Colonial Art of Latin America. (WI)
This course surveys the art and architecture of the Spanish Viceroyalties in the Americas from the conquest to the wars of independence, examining the role that art and architec­ture played in religion, government, social structuring, and identity formation.
4321P Artists’ Writing. (WI)
This course explores ways in which visual artists have engaged with the written word in relation­ship to their artwork. Readings will be taken from diaries, manifestos, critical and experimental essays, and works of fiction. Students will create their own writings and/or artwork in response to weekly readings.

4321U Contemporary Art in Italy.
Taught on-site and centered in Florence, Italy, students consider a number of contemporary art and exhibition practices, with emphasis on discursive formations of the global. May be substituted for ARTH 3307.
4322 Special Problems. (WI)
An advanced level, independent study in art history, aesthetics, and criticism. The emphasis of the course is on scholarship, research, and writing. May be repeated with different emphasis for additional credit. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
4323 Art History Thesis I. (WI)
A senior-level course focused on research, methodology, and writing in art history. Prepares students for final senior thesis projects. Prerequisites: ARTH 2301, ARTH 2302, ARTH 3301, and ARTH 3307 all with a grade of "C" or better; ARTH 3303 with a grade of "D" or better.
4324 Art History Thesis II. (WI)
A senior level course focused on independent research and writing in art history and on the completion of a final thesis project. Prerequisite: ARTH 4323 with a grade of "D" or better.

4325 Art History Internship.
This course will offer students the opportunity to experience and receive academic credit for professional activities related to the field of art history. This course requires consent of the instructor.