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Student Teaching FAQ

How do I arrange my Student Teaching?

Student Teaching is the final step on the path toward teacher certification.

That path includes:
Apply for and gain Admittance to the Teacher Preparation Program
Apply for and complete Field-based Block
Apply for approval to take certification exams
Apply for Student Teaching

For more information, about each of these steps, see the Teacher Certification Handbook and Student Teaching Resources.

What are the requirements for admittance to the Teacher Preparation Program?

All major coursework must be completed.
Junior status (60 hours) and an overall GPA of 2.75 must be maintained.

For step by step instructions about applying and being admitted to the Educator Preparation Program, , see Admittance.

When do I apply for Field-based Block?

Apply for Blocks in the fall or spring before you plan to register for them.

For more information and step by step instructions about applying for Field-based Blocks see Blocks.

What are the certification exams and how do I get approval to take them?

The Texas Examination of Educational Standards (TExES) exams are the state required teacher examinations for all Texas Educators. Art Education majors take two exams: the Art Content Exam and the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 (PPR) Exam. To be approved to take the TExES Art Content exam, you must take and pass the Art Content Practice Test. Contact Sherry Snowden to sign up for the practice test.

When do I apply for approval to take the TExES?

Apply to take the exam during the first semester of the Field-based Block. Be sure to review OEP's step by step instructions on Testing.

How do I prepare for the TExES exams?

Study materials are provided at

When do I apply for Student Teaching?

Apply to student teach during the first 12 class days of the semester before student teaching. This means, to student teach in the fall, submit your application in the prior spring semester; if you plan to student teach in the spring, submit your application in the prior fall semester.

Read OEP's step by step instructions on Student Teaching.

How much does the student teach, and when?

This will be determined by the Student Teacher and the Cooperating Teacher.

May the student sub for the cooperating teacher?


What else do I need to do before applying for Student Teaching?

View the Student Teaching Video modules on Planning, Preparation, and Professionalism.

Module 1:

Module 2: