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Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Art Education major teaching in an elementary classroom.

Student Teaching is the state-required culminating experience of the teacher certification process. This is a one-semester (six credit hours), unpaid, full-time experience in a local public school classroom. All coursework must be completed prior to the student teaching semester. No additional courses are allowed during or after student teaching.


The Office of Educator Preparation is responsible for all placements in schools, but the student’s preferences are given significant consideration, when possible.

Placements are offered in the fall and spring semesters and are comprised of seven weeks of elementary and seven weeks of secondary (although not necessarily in that order). For the secondary level, the student teacher is assigned to either a middle school or a high school.

Student teachers are placed in an area ranging from Georgetown to the north and Selma and Schertz to the south. 

Duties & Schedule

Student teaching is designed for the student to have a complete experience as a classroom teacher. The cooperating teacher and the student teacher will determine the student teacher’s duties as they develop the skills to be the lead teacher.

Student teachers are on the same schedule as their cooperating teacher, and share in all duties and responsibilities. Student Teachers are not eligible to serve as substitute teachers during their student teaching, however, they are expected to take the lead teaching position when a substitute is required.


Student teachers are expected to have perfect attendance. If absences should occur, they can be made up by serving additional days in the school where they occurred at the end of the semester.


An Art Education faculty member will serve as the Student Teacher Supervisor. Student teachers and Supervisors will meet for orientation, seminars, and school visits. The Supervisor will observe the student teacher in the role of lead teacher for two observational reports on each placement level.


Art Education is an All-level Program, so student teachers must successfully complete both the elementary and secondary levels. Failure on either level will require that both are repeated in a subsequent semester.

For each level there is one evaluation form that the Supervisor will provide to the Cooperating Teacher in the last weeks of the assignment. The Cooperating Teacher's scoring and commentary will be a significant factor in the Supervisor’s determination of the level of success as she/he completes the form.

The Supervisor will determine if the student teacher has successfully fulfilled the requirements and demonstrated the skills to be eligible to be recommended for certification. With certification, the Art student will be eligible for a career in teaching Art.

At the end of the semester, the observational reports and evaluations will be available to the student teacher through the University’s website.

More Information

See the Student Teaching FAQ for information about applying for student teaching.