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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions
Art Theory & Practice (ARTT)

ARTT 2371 Fundamentals of Art Theory and Practice. WI (3-3)

A survey and analysis of the theories and practices of art learning. Topics include: philosophy; history and theory of art learning; technology; artistic development; learning theories; assessment tools; program development; presentations and current realities; trends and issues.

ARTT 2372 Learning and Digital Media. (3-3)

The theories and practices related to the use of electronic media for the creation of art as well as for the enhancement of the art learning process. Prerequisites: ARTT 2371. Recommend concurrent enrollment in ARTT 3373.

ARTT 3370 Art Theory and Practice. (3-3)

Introduces the theories and practices of children’s art learning for the non-art major.

ARTT 3372 Art Theory and Practice for Children. WI (3-3)

A survey and analysis of the theories and practices of teaching art to children. Topics include artistic development, art programming, content, philosophies, methodologies, objectives and assessment. Requires 10 clock hours of field experience in an elementary art learning setting. Prerequisite: ARTT 2371.

ARTT 3373 Art Theory and Practice for Adolescents. (3-3)

The theories and practices of adolescent art learning. Topics include: learning environments; artistic development; presentation methodologies, objectives and assessment; and other current topics. Requires 10 clock hours of field experience in a secondary school art setting. Prerequisites: ARTT 2371, ARTT 3372. Recommend concurrent enrollment in ARTT 3374.

ARTT 3375 Experimental Water Media. (3-3)

This is an upper level elective for studio majors and fills teaching certification watercolor requirement. Students will experiment with water media, including watercolor, egg tempera, gouache, and mixed media on a variety of surfaces, including yupo and gessoed paper. Students will explore mixed media with watercolor. There are no prerequisites.

ARTT 4375 Art Criticism, History, and Aesthetics. WI (3-3)

A survey and in-depth analysis of the philosophies and structures of art criticism, art history, and aesthetics, as well as contemporary methodologies for analyzing, interpreting and judging works of art. Prerequisites: ARTT 2371, ARTT 2372, ARTT 3372, and ARTT 3373, or consent of instructor required.

ARTT 4376 Special Problems in Art Theory and Practice. WI (3-3)

Individualized study focusing on personal skill and knowledge development related to art learning experiences. Research will include a review of literature, a design for practical experience, and documentation of results and conclusions.
May be repeated with different emphases for additional credit.

ARTT 4377 Pedagogy for Art Education. WI (3-3)

This course is the capstone course for art education majors and offers advanced K-12 pedagogy that supports the development of curriculum and a teaching portfolio. Students are required to participate in service learning fieldwork for a minimum of 6 hours. Prerequisites: ARTT 2371 with at least a C; Co-requisites: Prior credit or enrolled in ARTT 3372, ARTT 3373, ARTT 4375 or consent of instructor.

ARTT 4380D Arted in Community (3-3)

This elective course will provide a service learning environment to explore the ways that art education theory can be applied to community environments in order to enable positive social change. The course reconsiders the role of the art educator in the context of the social sector. Repeatable up to 3 times when the area(s) of study change. There are no prerequisites.

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