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BA in Art

The BA in Art provides an alternate baccalaureate degree program for students whose educational goals include a broader exploration of the University’s academic offerings as well as a focus on the visual arts. Students in the BA program will acquire basic competencies offered by the School’s foundations programs and they will investigate art and design through a sampling of different studio courses. The goal is not to master a particular media but to focus on creative and conceptual skills that can be applied to most creative activities. BA students also will investigate the historical figures and theoretical movements that have formed current trends in art and design. By combining their experience in the School of Art and Design with coursework offered by other departments at the university, student will learn to perform critical analysis of information and effectively present their conclusions.

The BA degree is a good fit for students whose interests in art and design and in other subjects of study are equally strong. BA students may view their undergraduate education as an introduction to a life of scholarship rather than as preparation for a career as a visual artist. Many may seek post-graduate degrees. Graduates interested in careers in museums, galleries, community arts centers and non-profit arts organizations may find that the wide array of skills acquired through earning the BA in Art make them very well suited for entry into these positions.