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Core (Foundations)

As the foundational program of study within the School of Art and Design, the Core Program’s mission is to challenge and educate students toward the mastery of the fundamental, conceptual, technical, historical, theoretical and practical aspects of art and design.
The two Core Program courses lay down the groundwork upon which the school's five specialized programs continue to build. In these courses, students receive an extensive introduction to the elements, principles, and vocabulary of art and design through a variety of media and creative processes. Students explore and develop all aspects of the creative process including research, observation, critical analysis, visual and conceptual problem solving, the expressive potential of media, and the contribution of craftsmanship to content.

Core Program Courses 

ART 1301: Core I 

This course introduces practical and theoretical content in disciplinary and interdisciplinary art and design practices. Through thematic collaborative projects, students will engage various 2D, 3D, and 4D materials, methods, tools, and concepts independently and in relation to each other.

ART 1303: Core II

This course builds upon interdisciplinary practices introduced in Core I. By creating and engaging with archives and collections, students will build a personal archive of inspiration and source material that uses different research and working methods from all five program areas of the School of Art and Design. Students utilize this personal archive to create a series of interdisciplinary outcomes.