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Print Center

The Print Center is a service bureau for Art and Design faculty and students.

• Try to predict how much printing you will need for a project or for the semester.
• Students must pre-pay for prints at the JCK cashier’s window (cash only).  
• Bring your receipt back to the ADRC and they will set up your account.
• A record of your balance will be kept at the Center.
• Faculty who wish to use the Print Center must make arrangements with the School Director.

Printing your documents
• The Print Center staff will not prepare or edit your files for you.
• They will not rasterize or outline your type.
• Any file presented in a PDF format will be printed from Photoshop.
• Our Epson printers are set up in sRGB. The printers are set to print from this profile using the papers we carry.


Printing Options



8.5" x 11"

$3.00 Premium Presentation Paper (Matte)

$1.50 if you provide paper, Epson Inkjet (Matte) only

13" x 19"

$7.00 Premium Presentation Paper (Matte)

$3.50 if you provide paper, Epson Inkjet only


EPSON STYLUS PRO 7800 (for oversized printing)

Doubleweight Matte paper only, $.04 per square inch, provide borders on all sides.

Example: One 16" x 20" print would be calculated as: 17" x 24" x $.04 = $16.32


For best results on the 7800, use Photoshop files.
• Export InDesign or Illustrator files as a PhotoShop EPS and open them in Photoshop to rasterize them.
• Drag the file to a 24-inch wide Photoshop document using the height of your file plus 1 inch.
• Leave a .5 inch border at top and bottom of your image and 1 inch on the sides.
• Save as a TIFF or PSD.

In all cases, you will get the best color results by exporting your files from InDesign or Illustrator and printing from Photoshop in RGB.