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Session 1 (05/04/15):
   Christine Palmer:  “Problems of Claiming the Origins of Modern Art: A Study of Jacques Louis David’s Death of Marat and the Global Timeline of Modernity”
   Blake McCoy:  “Affinity for an Aesthetic: The Digital Rococo of Ray Caesar”
   Shelly Lay:  “Germaine Dulac and the Female Gaze: Vision of the Modern Woman”

Session 2 (05/11/15):
   Ike Julien:  “When Buddha Met Herakles: New Approaches to the Interaction of Eastern and Western Visual Culture in the Art of Gandhara”
   Danielle Colombo:  “Visionary Art, Live Painting, and Inspiration”
   Erin Davis:  “The Limits of Visual Art”

Session 3 (05/11/15):
   Krista Hollis:  “Comparative Case Study for the Closure of the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art”
   Karley Bisbano:  “Paul McCarthy: Fetishism and Violence in Youth Culture”
   Luis Gudino:  “‘I am not a feminist!’ Marina Abramovic and the Problem of Unrecognized Feminism”
   Lianne Gonzalez:  “Sexualizing the Black Female Body: Beyonce's Contribution to Black Feminism”