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Spring 2013

Click here for links to these presentations:
Session 1 (04/25/13):
   Laura Knight, “The Jaguar in the Jade: Tapping into the Collective Unconscious of the Shang and Olmec”
    Breana Kristek, “Chasing Donatello’s Atys-Amorino”
    Anna Julian, “Donatello: Life of a ‘Saint’”
    Maria Wright, “In Pursuit of Humanity: An Explanation of Baroque Excess”

Session 2 (05/07/13):
   Suzette Garcia, “Van Gogh’s Whirlpool Amidst the Starry Night”
   Meagan McLendon, “A Wonder Woman: A Subcultural and Feminist Perspective of Lois Lane in the Comic Book Universe”
   Daniela Lawson, "Yayoi Kusama: Comparing and Contrasting an Artist’s Success"
   Alannah Tiller, “Flaming History: A Challenge to the Hegemonic American Culture of the 1960s”
   Brittany Domer, “789: Commodified Chineseness, Marketable Oppression”
   Morgan Russo, “The Challenge to Conform: Street Art Versus the Museum”