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Art Education

Art Education

Undergraduate Program

The Art Education program at Texas State seeks to prepare effective and competent art educators who advocate support for visual art programs for schools and communities. The program offers a BFA with All Level certification.

The program is based on an integrated model wherein students take general studies, art, education and art education courses concurrently in order to integrate their acquired knowledge and experiences across all four areas. The program also provides extensive pre-student teaching field experiences to help students gain strong teaching skills prior to student teaching. For more information, contact Teri Evans-Palmer.


Classrooms and faculty offices are located on the first floor of the Joann Cole Mitte building.











Art Education Classroom and Offices

yellow Classroom and Computer Lab
turq Dr. Evans-Palmer JCM 1112B
green Dr. Hefner, Kelsey-Jones, Snowden 1111A
blue Dr. Sean Justice JCM 1112A
gray Dr. Nielsen JCM 1009


Information for Current Students

You need to keep up with postings on the OEP site
In the semester before you plan to take your first C&I course, you must make application to the College of Education. See OEP site. Requirements for admittance include:
1. An overall G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher
2. Completion of core curriculum including grades of "C" or better in the following:
Reading: HISTORY 1310 or 1320 or POLITICAL SCIENCE 2310 or 2320 or a course equivalent to these
Oral Communication: COMMUNICATION 1310 or its equivalent
Written Communication: English 1310 and ENG 1320 or their equivalents
Critical Thinking:  PHIL 1305 or PHIL 1320 or its equivalent
Mathematics: MATH 1315 or 1319 or 2417 or 2471 for Interdisciplinary Studies majors or the mathematics course(s) required for the selected major for high school and all-level certificates.
3. Undergraduates must complete the following in an education-focused University Seminar 1100 course OR a Mandatory Saturday Seminar:
(A)   Complete and submit a timed-writing document to demonstrate proficiency in written communication.
(B)    Submit three letters of recommendation from professors, service learning/work supervisors, or other professor/instructor approved references.
(C)   Participate in a screening interview conducted by two faculty members to demonstrate proficiency in oral expression.
(D)   Submit documentation of at least six hours of service learning experience, defined as the integration of community service related to teaching. (Transcript with ARTT 3372 or show teaching at Art Space.)
(E)    Complete a teaching disposition inventory.
Scheduling Coursework
Please note that some ARTT courses are offered only once per year and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • ARTT 2371 is the only course offered every semester
  • ARTT 3372 (Children) is offered only in the fall.
  • ARTT 3373 (Adolescent) and ARTT 3374 (Digital Media) must be taken together in the spring.
  • ARTT 4375 (History, Criticism, Aesthetics) is offered only in the fall.
The Block
     Requirements must be met before registering for the block. Also, the block application form must be completed by given dates towards the beginning of the semester prior to registering for the block. Application must be made on the C&I site -
Professional Portfolio
Start now to gather and plan materials for your professional portfolio. Eventually there will be an eportfolio site where you can upload your documents so please prepare digital versions of everything. The portfolio must contain the following:
  • Unit lesson plan
  • Weekly and daily lesson plans
  • Cooperative lesson plan
  • Multicultural lesson plan
  • Philosophy of Art Education
  • Authentic assessment
  • Resume
  • Professional development
  • Pictures of student work or example work you prepared (small snapshots)
  • Examples of your own art work (small snapshots)
Applying for Student Teaching
·       Application for student teaching is done through the Office of Educator Preparation by means of ePortfolio.
·       Failure to make application for student teaching can prevent you from teaching until a later semester.
·        Failure to clear tentatives also can prevent you from student teaching.
·       Student teaching can be done only after all course work is completed.
·       No course work may be done during student teaching.
·       You need to plan to do your senior show in the semester before student teaching. See the senior show handout on the Art Ed Info TRACS site.
Registering for the Art Content Exam and PPR
Applying for Certification
o   Make sure you have met all the requirements of the Office of Educator Preparation and the Department of Art & Design.
o   You must have the results of your PPR and Art exams.
o   Application is done online on the SBEC site. At the same time you can apply for, and pay for the background check and fingerprinting.
o   Find more information on the site of the Office of Educator Preparation.

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